Blueberry Colored Pie Dough

Purple or blue dough – Simply dissolve 2-3 tablespoons (20-30 grams) freeze-dried blueberry powder (available on-line) in the water and prepare the dough as in the basic Pie Dough recipe above. If you prefer a less uniform color or want a marbled effect you can mix the berry powder with the flour and then prepare the dough, mixing as much as necessary to obtain the desired effect. Note that the depth of color will depend upon the amount of blueberry powder you use. The more powder added the deeper and richer the color will be. This way the color can be varied from a light, sky blue to a very deep purple. To obtain an even darker color you can replace the water with blueberry juice. Freeze-dried powders made from raspberries and blackberries are also available and give pink to reddish variations. The various powders can also be combined to provide various hues and shades.

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