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“Regardless of how good a pie looks before baking, it’s not finished until it comes out of the oven. No one would serve or eat an unbaked pie.” – Karin Pfeiff Boschek in the book, Elegant Pie


I am so pleased that my artistically decorated pies are being featured in well-known and highly regarded blogs and websites:


Curators of Quirk shared pictures and presented a very lovely text


My Modern Met also presented a very thoughtful report on Karin’s work

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Seven of the pies on the pages of the calendar are from the book and six are brand new. For instructions of how to make the six new pies please click here

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Check out “Art is in Cake’s” test and tutorial of my pie crust recipe!

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  1. Hi Karen, I love your Elegant Pie book and I have made the crust – it has to be the most flakiest crust I have ever tried (made or eaten). I however, am having some issues with baking the crust blind for a single crust pie. The crust shrinks from the pan and rises a little. Consequently the edges are below the rim of the pan and about 1/2 the height of the pan (using a tart pan with removable bottom). I am using pie weights and back it 15 min with the weights and then 20 without (until golden brown). I froze the crust (in the pan) for about 15 min before baking. I made the recipe as directed – it is a very soft dough but rolls out smooth without tearing (and pretty thin). When I bake cutouts separately – they also rise and the design is obliterated (maybe they could be rolled thinner). Where am I missing the boat? Should I add more flour for a firmer dough?

    • Thank you Melody! I’m pleased you like the book and the crust. The problems you are having with blind baking may be due to differences in your and my flour. You might try increasing the amount of flour or using a little less water. A change in the amount of water has a very large effect on the dough. I weigh my water/vinegar/egg mixture and see a difference between 115 g and 120 g, which you would not even notice if you were using cups. For blind baking I always line the edge of my pie pan with aluminium foil, extending it above to top as a support for the dough. Then I roll out the dough, but not too thin and place it in the pan about 1/2″ above the top edge and supported by the foil. It is important to dock the bottom (prick all over with a fork)! I then put in soft, crumpled parchment and add baking beans all the way to the top and bake for 15-20 minutes. I let cool a bit, remove the beans and bake for a total time of about 30 minutes (20+10 or 15+15). After cooling I remove the foil and trim the crust (if necessary) with a potato peeler or sharp knife.
      I hope this helps. If you have more questions or would like to share how this turns out I would be delighted to hear from you. Good luck and bake on!

  2. Its so beautful and inspiration work. I live in Brasil and never saw so beautiful pie here. If I want buy your book have you send me?

  3. Hi Karin,

    I am absolutely loving my Elegant Pie book and am really looking forward to upping my pie game 😊

    Can you tell me where you purchased your pasty lifter? I have been searching, but haven’t found one like it.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Laura,
      Here is my response to another reader. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I wish you much joy and success with your pies.

      The cake lifter seems to be a bit of a problem. Here in Germany they are readily available from Staedter and from Kaiser, but I don’t know if they sell internationally. At the moment it is a problem due to Covid-19 because the USPS is not accepting any packages from Europe. Cake Boss has one with a flat wooden handle that would not interfere with the refrigeration or freezing. You could also get one that has a riveted handle if you know someone who could drill out the rivets. The holes would not be a problem. I have sent a few from here to the US, but as I said, that is not possible at this time. Good luck. If you have the time let me know if you find a solution. Many people have asked about the cake lifters. Thanks for your comment and good luck.

  4. Would like to be added to your email list. (Form field for email wouldn’t take my email address.)

    Love your beautiful pie artistry!

    • Dear Lisa,
      I apologize for not having seen your comment. WordPress is supposed to send me notifications of comments, but for some reason I have not gotten them. I have added you to the email list in case you are still interested. If not you can delete your entry or I will do it for you. Again, please accept my apologies.

  5. These pies are such a pleasure to look at. The experience is like going to a museum and viewing amazing art, except it’s pie! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    • Thank you for your very kind words. I apologize for not responding sooner. For some reason I did not receive any email notices of comments made on this site. I’m thrilled that you like my pies. There are more than 200 on Instagram @karinpfeiffboschek

  6. would you provide us with a source for the cutters you used for the Elegant Pie Book Cover…I am a big fan of leaves and have never seen these large cutters…thanks so much!!

    • The only leaf that was cut out with a cutter is the small maple leaf at the bottom and on the right. As noted in the text, the other leaves are hand cut and templates are provided in the back of the book.

    • Thank you. I apologize that I did not see your comment. Yes, a so-called “pizza peel” will work fine. Most have long handles that may make it difficult to fit in the freezer, so the handle can be removed, either by removing the rivets or sawing it off. Again my apology.

  7. I love your book Elegant Pie. I had to wait for it to be reprinted to get my copy. So beautiful! In the new book, you say to use 2 sticks of butter with 2 1/2 c flour. Previously it was 7 Tbutter with 2 1/4 c flour. Is there much difference in the results? Thank you!

    • Thank you for your kind comment Marsha. I’m sorry you had to wait for the book. The present Covid-19 situation has held up many things. I am pleased to hear that you like the book. I do not know what you are referring to by “previously” or by 7 butter. Sorry. In the recipe here I call for 1 cup or 2 sticks of butter. Thanks again for your comment and please let me know if you need further clarification or where the complication lies.

  8. I am having trouble buying a beech leaf cutter like yours. Have looked on Google and amazon in the US, UK, and Germany. Please help!

  9. Hi Karin,
    I posted a question on this website several days ago but haven’t heard back. Perhaps it got lost in cyberspace…
    So here it is again. I am trying to purchase a metal beech leaf cutter like the one you use in your wonderful book. I can’t find it at any of the usual places such as Stadter, amazon UK, amazon de, etc. Where did you get yours???
    Thanks ever so much in advance.

    • Dear Penelope,
      Thank you for your comment. I apologize for not responding more quickly. The leaf cutter was in a set of 3 different sizes of different leaves from Amazon. I believe the set was called “Mini Metal Cookie Cutters” and contains four different shapes. It was in a metal can with lid. I made the “veins” in the leaves by hand using the back of a paring knife. I hope this helps. Best wishes and have fun with the book. I’m glad you like it.


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