A sweet almond filling that is ideal as a bed for fruit in a pie


  •    2/3 cup ( 150 g) butter, softened
  •   2/3 cup  (150 g) white or light brown sugar (Depending on the color desired)
  •    2 large  eggs, plus 1 yolk
  •    2 tbsp Calvados or cognac (to taste)
  •    pinch of salt
  •    ¼ tsp almond essence
  •    5 oz (150g) ground almonds
  •    1 oz (30 g) plain white flour

Put the butter and sugar in large bowl and blend with a hand mixer.

Beat the eggs with the Calvados or cognac, salt and the almond essence. Add a small amount of the egg mixture to the butter and sugar and beat until combined. Continue to add a little at a time and beat until smooth.

Fold in the ground almonds and flour.

To make the filling a bit tangier add the zest of one or two lemons, according to your taste and the size of the lemons. Leave out the Calvados or cognac in that case. You can make many variations, adding cocoa or even coffee to the mixture.

An interesting variation is to add a thin layer of raspberry preserves on top of the frangipane. This will give colour to the layer of fruit above and adds a delicious taste as well.